Social Spending

Bush’s proposed budget this year is nearly $3 trillion. (ftn)

  • Aid to families with dependent children is $12 billion. That is 4/10ths of 1% of the total budget. (That is 4/10ths of 1 penny of every dollar paid in federal taxes)
  • Food stamps is another $50 billion–less than 2 cents for every federal tax dollar.
  • $25 billion is allotted for unemployment benefits
  • The total for all 3 services is $90 billion–3 cents of every federal tax dollar
  • If we were to cut every cent of that $90 billion out of the budget we would still have a budget deficit

What about…

  • the $250 billion dollars for interest on the national debt?
  • Or what about the $550 billion dollars for the Pentagon.
  • …which doesn’t even take into account…

  • the $250 billion dollars for war in Iraq–which, alone is 3 times what we spend on social spending.
  • Add the 3 of those together and they equate to 11.5 (11.6)times the amount we spend on all social spending programs period.
  • Q: Why don’t they ever complain about that spending?

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